MTFF is a fly fishing club in Marin County, CA.  Since 2004, we have been bringing together fly anglers to share knowledge, experience, and good times. We host monthly meetings, fishing trips, casting clinics, and social dinners and events.  Our members span all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  We offer membership to anyone interested in fly fishing regardless of the skill level.  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings,  meet current members, and learn more about us.  If you would like more information please email info@mttamflyfishers.org.

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7:00pm, Room 201, Corte Madera Town Center

John Sherman was raised in Visalia, where he learned how to fly fish through the local fly shop, at the age of 8. Since then fly-fishing has been a passion that has evolved into a career. John graduated from California State Chico with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing in 1999. That fall he spent two months fishing British Columbia’s famed Steelhead Rivers. While attending Chico State, John worked at the Powell Fly Shop and guided on the Feather and Sacramento Rivers for Steelhead and Salmon. John has fished the West Coast from Alaska to the Baja Peninsula for steelhead, salmon, stripers, black bass, trout and numerous blue water species. He has also hosted numerous trips all over the globe. John’s photographs have been published in Field and Stream, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod and Reel, The Drake, Fly Fish Journal, Cal Fly Fisher, and other publications. He has been documenting his expeditions with a camera since the age of 10. John teamed up with Captain Mike Costello to produce the first and only Fly Fishing book dedicated to the California Delta, “Fly Fishing the CA Delta,” which was one of the top selling Fly Fishing books in 2010. John lives in Discovery Bay, Ca on the San Joaquin Sacramento River Delta with his wife Natih, daughter Kalum, son Kasix and dog Portis. His favorite species to take on a fly are steelhead, stripers and any salt water flats fish. Read John’s recent interviews in Exploring the Delta, Fly fishing the World, California Fly Fisher and Tackle Tour.


Klamath River (2 Days) - August 29 & 30 - Shore & Wading Fishing With Guide Tom Wilson - Jeff to arrange (August 29 & 30 Are Confirmed With The Guide And Includes 3 Cabins & Afternoon Guide On 29 & All Day Guide On 30).

This is the best time on the Klamath River.  A great trip and a great lodge.  Warm weather steelies!  For info contact us at info@mttamflyfishers.org


The club is on hiatus in July and August to allow maximum time to GO FISHING!

NorCal stream and lakes got plenty of water this winter and spring, so great conditions will persist through the summer and early fall.  We encourage everyone to get outdoors and find your fish.

Well see you again in September, when we will resume monthly programs and club fishing activities.

Pebble Mine Would Put America Last

In a shocking about-face, the EPA has agreed to drop proposed restrictions that would have banned construction of the Pebble Mine in Alaska.  This move paves the way for Northern Dynasty Minerals, - the Canadian company behind the mine and which has a terrible record of devastating spills and toxic releases – to seek permits for building the massive copper and gold mine in the pristine headwaters of Bristol Bay, where it would imperil the world’s largest run of Sockeye Salmon.    The EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, made this decision after a half-hour meeting with the mining company CEO, and shocked all the remaining scientists in the EPA who have spent years researching this proposal and have unanimously concluded it would be a disaster and would ‘irreversibly’ destroy one of the most pristine and productive locations on the planet.

Just weeks after the EPA reversal, fishermen in Bristol Bay were reporting near-record levels for this year’s Salmon run, a testament to the strength of the $1.5 billion sustainable fishery that supports 14,000 local jobs and is central to the culture of Native peoples in SW Alaska.  The colossal open pit Pebble Mine, which would be as deep as the Grand Canyon and generate 10 billion tons of toxic mining waste, was stopped in 2014 when the EPA study (twice peer reviewed) said the mine posed catastrophic risks to the Bristol Bay watershed.  One of the main problems lies in the fact that the huge earth dam which will hold most of the toxic tailings lies almost on top of an active Earthquake fault.   “In keeping with the Trump Administration’s pro-polluter, pro-extraction agenda, the EPA has utterly abandoned sound science and the people of Bristol Bay”, said Taryn Heimer, a scientist with NRDC’s Land and Wildlife program, which organization partnered with hundreds of grassroots organizations to convince the government to stop it in 2014.   More than 80% of local residents oppose the Pebble Mine.   To push the message, “No Pebble Mine.  Not now.  Not ever.”  go to <nrdc.org/stoppebble

The fish thank you.

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